We are OhCleo.

Based in Stockholm, Sweden, OhCleo is a tech-savvy team working toward removing the stigmas and guilt associated with erotica by collaborating with creators that are excited to share their fantasies with like-minded people. All from the safety of their own homes.

Co-founded by Celine Fierro and Anders Lövbrand in 2021, OhCleo started as an app offering SexEd master classes and original OhCleo Sensual Stories. Speaking with multiple content creators,they quickly realized there was a lack of distribution platforms specifically designed to meet the demands of the audio erotica community. That’s why they decided to create a platform that puts audio first,with smart and efficient solutions allowing creators to be discovered by new users and monetize their original productions.

Our mission

OhCleo’s mission is to create a platform that allows content creators and users to explore their turn-ons and kinks in a safe, digital space.

Creating hot and innovative audio is no easy feat (trust us, we've tried!) Some people are just really, really good at turning strangers on. All they need is a microphone!

We value that talent and want to challenge the traditional porn industry by making ethically produced audio erotica easily available to the general public.