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Feeling curious?

OhCleo offers a wide variety of stories that are made for women. Unwind from a stressful day with a soothing cuddle story or other audio of your choice.

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Let's Play a Game

Joe has a game for you. Follow the rules and everybody wins. Wanna play?

A Journey Within

Techniques on how to deepen the intimacy of your relationship

Stories & Education

Explore Our Sensual Series & Masterclasses

Focusing on women’s wellness, we at OhCleo have curated a diverse library of audio erotica and playful educational programs that are sexy and empowering.

Please me


Embrace yourself with sexy audio stories that make you feel loved.

Please me

Educate Me

Masterclass programs from psychologists to dominatrixes and everything in between.

Please me

Embrace Me

Meditative, calming and soul fulfilling episodes to ease you into a relaxed state.

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Meet the Team

Female sexuality has been neglected, shamed and hidden for centuries. Even today, there are too few outlets for empowered inspiration. That's why we started OhCleo - We want to build strength in our feminine community together, offering a platform to explore sexuality, to learn and to evolve. Expanding knowledge, sharing fantasies and being open and honest about sexuality is empowering.

By providing educational masterclasses, and offering high quality programs for self-exploration, we hope to create a positive and strong foundation for our users to develop their own opinions of what serves them best. Join us on the journey.

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