What is Audio Erotica?

Erotic audio is a genre of recordings featuring sensual stories and sexy voices. Audio offers an alternative to traditional pornography, which focuses on the visual. Traditional porn is often designed for and catered to men. With OhCleo, listeners can explore interests and fantasies, fan the flames of arousal, and learn from experts. 

Men and women often experience arousal differently, and men are often driven by visual stimuli. Visual stimuli - watching people have sex in a video  - can be off-putting for women.  It can be distracting because we compare our bodies to those on-screen, or because it is male-centric, or because it focuses on particular types of sex acts. 

Women are more aroused by sound, smell, touch and emotional sexual stimulation - things that can be hard to get from traditional porn. Hearing a voice in your ear is intimate and allows you to relax and imagine yourself (or a partner) in the story. Or maybe you want to imagine the fantasy playing out between two of your celebrity favs, or that secret coworker crush. Everything is possible with your imagination and the right words.

Erotic audio, just like traditional erotica, comes in many forms. Some audios are very explicit and graphic in their descriptions, other audios spend more time describing characters, settings and situations than the graphic details. We offer a variety of stories with different voices and perspectives, to help you find the right story and the right voice to make your heartbeat quicken and excite you. We encourage you to explore all the audios we offer to find what’s right for you, and to give us feedback on what you want to hear. We’re here to keep you happy and coming back for more!

A 2018 study found listening to sensual mindfulness audio can “encourage women to focus on physical arousal sensations in the here and now may be associated with women’s improved sexual function by enhancing feelings of sexual arousal.” In other words, relaxing with sensual audio, especially audio that encourages you to pay attention to your body and how it feels, can improve the experience of sexual arousal. Our ‘Embrace Me’ audios are meant to help you meditate, relax, tune into your body and most of all - let go of all the stress and worries of everyday life.

Overall, consuming sexual content can allow you to learn about and experiment with your sexual health and wellbeing. We’re here to help you enjoy sexual exploration, wherever that might take you.