We’re looking for sexy people!

Do your friends always say you had a sexy voice? Can you write a hot story? Are you an experienced audio erotica creator or voice actor? We want to work with you!

There are two ways to work with OhCleo: become an OhVoice creator or be part of our OhCleo in-house productions.

OhVoice Creator

As an OhVoice Creator you create a profile, record and upload your own tracks. You earn money through subscribers and listens. OhVoices gives you the freedom to be creative, build a community and monetise one your content in different ways.

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OhCleo Productions

These in-house productions involve a team of remote scriptwriters, actors, OhCleo producers and sound engineers. If you are a writer or voice actor, submit a sample script or audition tape by clicking the button below. You'll earn a fixed fee per production you’re hired for.