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OhCleo is an erotic platform to encourage judgement-free sexual exploration, with a feminine focus. We have created a sexy space to inspire people across the world to experiment with their sexuality with our expansive and diverse audio library. OhCleo aims to set the standard of high quality content for arousal and self empowerment.

We are seeking all encompassing content contributors who can create authentic erotic seductions, sensual fantasy miniseries, calming relaxation episodes and playful masterclass programs for our listeners. We value the imagination and experience from all perspectives in the realm of sex and welcome new ideas!

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Sensual Stories



This section is dedicated to the listener’s pleasure. Vivid fantasies inspire her innermost desires and encourage exploration. In this safe and sexy space she is free to indulge her sensuality and sexual curiosity.


This section of audio erotica is filled with tantalizing fantasies, delivered in a miniseries. Follow these characters through their sexual experiences and sensual journeys. Hint: Use these stories to get turned on.

Dirty Talk:

Visceral erotic experiences that address the listener directly. Intended to be used intimately with oneself or with one’s partner(s) Hint: Try these listening to these stories when you can devote a moment with yourself or as inspiration to use with a partner.

These stories are intended for comfort and relaxation. Take a moment to slip off your shoes, close your eyes and ease your mind while you listen to stories of affirmation, meditative walks through nature and soul soothing cuddles.

Try something new! OhCleo's masterclasses offer the ability to expand your mind and gain deeper understanding in a wide variety of self developmental and sexual exploration programs. Our coaches are highly skilled and certified experts in their professional field. Allow curiousity to lead you.

Let's Play a Game

Joe has a game for you. Follow the rules and everybody wins. Wanna play?


The attraction is still strong after all this time. Follow this journey as it intensifies.

A Lightening Bolt

You and Luis make eye contact as you walk into the party. Join in on the spontaneous hook up.

A Spark

Feel good form the inside with a story of a girl who moves from a small town with big dreams.

The Little Details

Float into a space of tranquillity and stillness as you unwind from the day.


Feel weightless with an uplifting tale of rebuilding the foundation of relationship.

A Spiritual Tradition

Introduction to Tantra: Fia shares her experience in the practice of Tantra.

Fantasy & Role-Play

Lia teaches techniques on how to experiment in playful role exchanges with your partner.

BDSM - Which am I?

Are you Dominant? Submissive? Or maybe you're a Switch?

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