We're breaking stigmas & taboos around sex & sexuality.

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“Women's satisfaction should not be an afterthought. That's why we say 'Satisfaction Guaranteed'”

ceo-imageCeline Fierro
CEO at OhCleo

We are Oh Cleo

Truth to be told, the porn industry, like the rest of the world, is shaped by the stereotypical male gaze. But desire is shaped in a million ways. We’re here to celebrate all kinds of sexuality, intimacy and sensuality. Giver or taker? Master or commander? Confident or shy? We don’t care and neither should you. The only rule in sex i consent.

This is a sacred place where you come looking for inspiration to explore what your body wants. This is where you get the tips to surprise your partner between the sheets. This is your private sexual sanctuary. Together we’re building a brave new world of lust and intimacy. Our promise is simple: Satisfaction guaranteed.

Oh Cleos Hot Staff

We’re on a mission to create a community of sex loving individuals. By empowering people to explore their own sexuality and desire we want to break stigmas and build sexual confidence. Satisfaction (is) guaranteed.

Celine Fierro

Founder & CEO

Anders Lövbrand

Founder & CTO

Sarah Robbins

Creative Director

Maja Sverin


Carl Ejnarsson


Jessica Brophy

Managing Editor

Michelle Hallström

Content Director

Nikilina Forsén

Social Media & Growth

Aleksandra Rzepecka


Jonathan Hansson

Sound Engineer

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